Israeli Premiere
The DocAviv International Documentary Filmfestival in Tel Aviv , will host the Israeli premiere of "The hands of Che Guevara. DocAviv will take place 15 - 24th of April 2007. For more information:

North American Premiere
"The hands of Che Guevara" will have its North American Premiere at the FULL FRAME documentary filmfestival which will take place in Durham (NC) from 12 to 15 April 2007. The film is selected in competition for "Best Documentary 2007" For more info check

March 28th. 2006

Tonight "De wereld draait door" will put the spotlight on "The hands of Che guevara". Peter De Kock will be tonights "table guest". Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and actor Tycho Gernandt will interview him extensively about his documentary in progress.
After tonight the show can be viewed here.

March 25th. 2006
Today Peter De Kock will be interviewed in the live radio-show "Spijkers met Koppen" by host Jan Jaap van der Wal about the documentary "The hands of Che Guevara".
The radioshow can be downloaded here!

Januari 9th. 2006
This week the editing of "The hands of Che Guevara" wil start. Over 32 hours of raw footage will be cut back to a film of approximately ninety minutes. 
Editing will commence in two periods. The first unofficial edit will be expected in March. 

December 3rd. 2005
Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad publishes article about the Hands of Che Guevara.
In today´s "saturday supplement" of NRC handelsblad, a one-page article is published about the research of the film "The hands of Che Guevara"
The article (in Dutch) can be viewed on the "Media" page of this site.

November 15 th. 2005
In the can!
Last weekend the filmcrew returned from Havana. With the scenes shot in Cuba they concluded a shooting period of 31 days. Producer and crew are very happy with the results! Later the film will enter the process of editing.

November 9th. 2005
Crossing the t's.
In cuba the filmcrew is crossing the t's and dotting the i's. With no more than three days to go the bulk of the film is "in the can". The filmcrew will be expected at Schiphol-airport next Saturday.

November 2nd. 2005
Shooting in Bolivia finished
Filming the planned scenes in Bolivia was succesful. The crew is now on its way to Havanna where they will regroup with producer Frank van den Engel. On the island of Cuba the last part of the documentary will take place.

October 31st. 2005
Crew is temporarily unreachable.
Until further notice the crew will not be able to have access to the website. It is hard to obtain access from the part of Bolivia where they are now. Therefore no new pictures can be uploaded.

October 25th. 2005
Sign of Life.
Today a sign of life was received from the filmcrew.
After crossing the Andes by crew bus, the crew arrived safely in Cochabamba.
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October 25th. 2005
Shooting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra finished.
The shooting period in Santa Cruz de la Sierra was finished very succesful. From here the filmcrew will travel by chartered crewbus to
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October 17th. 2005.
First episode of filming finished.
In Sao Paolo (Brasil) the first part of the documentary is finished. The crew arrived last Friday (14th.) in Brasil. Saturday and
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October 10th. 2005
NRC handelsblad will publish article about the researchphase of the film.
In November or December this year, Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad will publish in its' Saturday supplement a one page article about the process of getting The hands of Che Guevara realised.

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October 7th. 2005
Preproduction almost completed. (by A.B.)
After a few weeks of planning and a een aantal weken van grondige planning en meeting, the definite schedule for the crew is set. Visa, permits and permissions are arranged.
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September 23rd. 2005
Crewmeeting sets off shooting period. (By A.B)
Yesterday the individual members of the filmcrew met for the first time. "It is an interesting thought" says Peter De Kock, "Obviuosly, it is not the first time I will travel with a crew for such a long time,
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September 12 th. 2005
The making of “The hands of Che Guevara”.
A filmcrew of the "Utrechtse Hogeschool van de Kunsten" will shoot a “making of” of the documentary “The hands of van Che Guevara”.
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5 September 2005
The hands of Che Guevara in production. (Door. A.B)
It has been eleven years since the first draft of the scenario "The hands of Che Guevara" was written. Today, the final version of the script was rewarded with a realisation subsidy of the Stimuleringsfonds.
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